1. Having a Private Security Guard Identity Card approved by the governorates
2. For male candidates, the height must be at least 1.75 cm, for female candidates at least 1.65 cm. They must have a proper body features and good diction. This feature is important in human relations and communication. While on duty, he/she should be able to eliminate the negative behavior of the other person with an appropriate expression. He/she should be friendly and kind to those he/she is dealing with.
3. Must be determined and cool: In the face of any event that may occur, he/she should be cool, remain calm and act decisively. He/she should be controlled during mistreatment.
4.  Must be physically capable and sportsman: In some cases, it may be necessary to use physical force against the person and society in order to establish authority. However physical force should not be used excessively.
5.  He/she should be careful and conscious: He/she must be aware of the importance of the task they are performing, and he/she must be careful when faced with an uncertain or dangerous situations.
6.  Must be knowledgeable and helpful in first aid: Private Security officer may be injured in incidents or when he/she has to help injured people, he/she must be able to do it in accordance with the rules.
7.  He/she should be harmonious and pay attention to the attire: He/she should be in harmony with the people he works with. If the private security personnel is on duty at the entrance of the workplace, this person should pay special attention to the neatness of his/her clothing, posture and speech, since this person will be the first person to meet the people coming from outside. This situation is very important in terms of the prestige of the institutions served.
8.  Must use a computer, preferably know a foreign language, be able to use electronic security systems and devices.
9.  He/she should have references from reliable people and should inspire trust and confidence.
10. He/she must have graduated from higher education and completed their military service as a commando. (Preferred)
11.  He/she should live within the boundaries of the region where he/she will be assigned, and should be willing and available for training.
12.  He/she should be of the character to work hard in a job, and should not have habits such as using alcohol, disobedience and gambling.
13. He/she should adapt to the job situation, working hours, and be able to work in all weather and terrain conditions.
14. He/she should be conscious of protecting the property and life entrusted to him, his attitudes and behaviors should be an example to those around him, he/she should be fair to the people he/she is dealing with, should not be prejudiced, should base his/her behavior on respect regardless of who he/she is facing, and be able to use his powers without hesitation when necessary.
15. Must have a driver’s license and be able to drive the vehicle in difficult terrain and weather conditions. (Preferred)



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