CAT Security Services Disciplinary Order
23 February 2017
CAT Security Services Implementation Instruction
23 February 2017

CAT Güvenlik Instruction for Place of Duty


To deter by taking preventive measures against all kinds of malicious acts and attempts, in accordance with the rules of law, society and values, with diligence and loyalty, to ensure that the place of duty is in peace and security, to carry out surveillance and control services, to ensure entry and exit security.

Passing those who want to enter the areas they provide protection and security through the sensitive door, body search the superiors of these people with a detector, pass their belongings through an X-ray device or similar security system.

In cases of natural disasters such as fire, earthquake and in cases where it is necessary to ask for help, to immediately seek help from the general law enforcement in workplaces and residences in the field of duty, to make the first response at the scene by calling the emergency or fire department, catching the criminal in case of an event that constitutes a criminal element, to protect criminal evidence or anything that could be evidence, protect from himself and the curious crowds.


To provide shift service on a 24-hour basis at the point of duty.


They carry equipment such as firearms, authorized uniform, ID card, rubber batons, radio, flashlight, handcuffs, pepper spray, etc., according to the characteristics of the place of duty and to comply with the commission’s decisions.


Private security personnel will not use force except in self-defense and in catching the perpetrator of an event that constitutes a crime, except in the case of red-handedness. Except for the equipment listed above and for which permissions have been obtained beforehand, they cannot carry sharp, flammable materials, etc.


Responsible security guards will show that they are aware of the current and possible situations, in order to carry out the service more effectively, and they will be trained periodically in order to use the corporate phone lines and radio effectively.


The center will be informed by recording all the events that have occurred and recorded in the shift book at the place of duty. In addition, the handover will be recorded on a timed basis.


Every personnel on duty is obliged to inform their superiors about all suspicious situations and to record them in the book without interpreting them.


Security guards must have their identity cards visible to everyone within their scope and duration of duty.


Sleeping in the area where he/she is assigned, acting inappropriately and rudely to the supervisors and guests, temporizing the duty or leaving the place of duty without permission, disrupting the patrol services, and being in inappropriate situations other than general morality and etiquette in the workplaces. Due to all these reasons, the responsibility for the termination of the employment contract and the obligation to pay compensation and the material damages that may arise from all the reasons belong to the security guards. Legal action is taken against the security officer who causes any disruption due to the reasons listed above, within the framework of the contract and labor laws.


The places of duty are always kept clean, delivered cleanly and received in the same way. The duty will not be performed in an unclean, unmaintained and unironed condition.


At the end of the duty, the materials to be transferred are delivered by seeing and counting, if any, and delivered in the same way. All materials are kept as shown in the specified places.

1) To be a Turkish citizen.

2)  To be a graduate of at least eight years of primary education (secondary school) for those who will serve as unarmed.

3) To be 18 years old when completing the training course.

4)  Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; not to be sentenced to heavy imprisonment or imprisonment for a period of one year or longer, or, even though he benefited from a pardon, not being convicted of crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, crimes against sexual immunity, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, bid rigging, rigging the performance of the act, laundering the assets arising from crime, smuggling or prostitution crimes.

5) Not to have a physical or mental illness or disability that may prevent the fulfillment of the task.

6) To have successfully completed the private security basic training specified in Article 14.

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